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Тема в разделе "Новости", создана пользователем Fashionstyle, 21 ноя 2019.

    1. Michaelamott
      FiberwerX 25 off

      1-Day only on Friday, November 29rd from 8am PST to 5pm PST FiberwerX is offering a Black Friday special at 25 off our retail prices. This sale covers in stock and special order items
    2. Jimmynaw
      There arent that many Black Friday deals that are worth it anymore. Even with TVs you are really only saving 50. There were a few really good hidden deals during Thanksgiving night last year. Check on Amazon too.

      Sears did have the best Thanksgiving night deals last year. So Id look at their ads.
    3. Danielcag
      How many here planning to buy this Black Friday?

      I got a VIP email from Apmex, some of their 10oz Ag bars are going to be on sale at spot. 90 will be .99 cents over spot. Also, 1oz gold eagles will be at spot, and a few other deals on Ag rounds and 5oz bars.

      Im hoping for another PM smash down before Friday
    4. Jimmynaw
      Nothing special, but the GameStop black Friday ad is leaked on yt and online. Good deals on a few video games. I dont play enough to pay 60 new for battlefield or cod, so I may pick up battlefield for 30. 50 for cod seems a bit high, so I will look elsewhere
    5. Michaelamott
      I usually just go to Home Depot or lowes to take advantage of the good deals on tools and what not.

      I basically just go shopping for myself on Black Friday because my wife does all the other shopping haha
    6. Danielcag
      My DH & I do Black Friday every year This year, he wants to get his new LCD were camping out at Best Buy for their great deals...we always find gifts for our families there on top of inevitably whatever it is that DH wants to get new that year. He usually goes home after that but my awesome Sister-in-law always goes and camps with us, then her and I continue on to whichever store has some deals that we want to get We always keep it friendly, and try to help out anyone we can. We have big grins on our faces the whole day through We love Black Friday shopping I cant wait for the Sunday before Thanksgiving and even before online where we get all of the ads and can plan out our trip. But we can always plan on being at Best Buy by about 5:00PM on Thanksgiving Day to get in line...and then we wait...for about 12 hours I know, it sounds crazy, but we have a ton of fun Best Buy also does their sales right...they walk down the line, starting at the beginning and they have tickets for each of their sale items...and they have just as many tickets for the sale item as they have in stock in the first come first serve, if you want it, you get the ticketup to the sale limit, of course, sometimes 1, sometimes more...and as they go down the line, when they run out of tickets, theyre out. So no fighting to get the "last one" of anything...if you have the ticket, you are guaranteed to get it. Its major fun for us

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